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Welcome to Pescetarian Journey!

In June 2015, I made the switch to becoming a Pescetarian. It was an interesting process. I found what I liked and didn't like along the way. However, after my annual check-up in October of 2016, I didn't like the numbers I received. Nothing, and I mean nothing, changed! Talk about disappointment! All those months of not eating meat and eating a seemingly healthier diet did nothing to change my cholesterol, blood pressure, A1C level or weight. My numbers were the same as they were when I started. So, after much consideration, I went back to eating meat in December 2016.

Well, here it is February 2018, and I am still incorporating meat into my diet. But again, I am feeling listless, tired, rundown and my numbers are worse now than before. I had to switch diabetes medication after 22 years. I now take insulin injections up to four times daily. And, I am having a difficult time controlling my sugar levels. Right now, it is hit and miss.

Since I haven't been feeling well lately, I have been thinking about returning to the pescetarian way of eating. Though I was disappointed the first go around, I am willing to give it another try. My stance on meat hasn't changed, but I do need to do something different. Maybe 18 months wasn't long enough for my body to make a significant change. I don't know. But as they say, here we go again... Stay tuned! Wild